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SIAD - International Self-Injury Awareness Day

Every March 1st is recognized internationally as Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD).  SIAD is a day where grassroots annual events are held globally to spread awareness and further the understanding of self-injury for the medical profession and the public at large. SIAD was created to increase an atmosphere of empathy while communicating to those who struggle with self-injury that they are not alone.


ASIF has declared March to be “Adolescent Self-Injury Awareness Month.”  It is in March where we see the rates of youth self-injury and suicidal behaviors begin to climb. Caught off guard and overwhelmed, parents feel ill-prepared to cope with the ensuing onslaught of confusion, desperation, and fear that takes over their lives as the family’s vortex unfolds like a roller coaster.  


March is also when the NCAA College Basketball Tournament “March Madness” begins. This social phenomenon becomes a national obsession where it becomes the main topic of conversation and nothing else seems to matter.  It is a time of high drama, ultimate suspense, and overwhelming chaos.  March Madness consumes the lives of millions who get swept up in “building brackets.”  Stakes are high and important sacrifices are made. Employers see more sick days used, and longer lunch breaks taken so employees can watch the games.

We get warned when the cicadas are coming, yet no one warns us that March is a triggering month when there is an upsurge of teen self-injury and suicide rates.


One of  ASIF’s missions is to communicate this warning, as well as raise awareness about this worldwide critical public health problem.  Additionally, ASIF strives to provide further education, recent research data, alternative coping behaviors, guidance for parents, prevention strategies, resources, and stories of recovery.  


ASIF also provides professional trainings to schools and mental health providers to enhance their ability to effectively help.


When the ASIF website was created, we wished that if we could reach 100 visitors we would already be making a difference in helping to save lives. When we reached 100 visitors and 13 countries we thought we were a success in making a difference in the lives of teens in pain.


To date, ASIF has had over 933,000 website visitors from over 187 countries, and has received thousands of emails from people from all over the world.  This clearly demonstrates the global magnitude of this critical public health crisis world wide.


It is a parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child to suicide.   


Adolescent suicide is preventable.


Help ASIF make a difference in the world!


Your donations to ASIF will continue to save  the lives of these vulnerable teens in pain while providing much-needed guidance to families and schools.

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