The butterfly project has been created for self-harmers who feel they are ready to stop and need the motivation or support to do so.



The idea is simple. You simply draw a butterfly on the place(s) of self-harm and if the butterfly fades without self-harming, it means that the butterfly lived and has flown away, giving you a sense of achievement. Whereas if you do self-harm while the butterfly is still visible; you have to wash it off. If that does happen, you can start again by drawing a new one on. 

Another idea is to write the names of your friends and family so that when you feel the need to self-injure, you are reminded that you are important and loved by your friends and family. Writing song lyrics or quotes can also be useful.


Go to a craft store and buy supplies to make beads for bracelets and/or necklaces.  Then, buy butterfly charms (or any charm form/symbol you like) to eventually use as a charm to be added to the bracelet/necklace. 

This is how it works:  First, make a bracelet or necklace out of the beads.  For every week that you have not hurt yourself, you have saved the life of the butterfly.  For every butterfly you save, you should add a butterfly charm to the beaded bracelet/necklace.  That way, you can tell how many weeks you have stopped hurting yourself by how many butterflies that are on your beaded bracelet.  {Each Butterfly=1 week of not cutting.} 

You will always be reminded of your successes every time you glance at your wrist and see all the butterflies you have saved!


Beads have helped many others. Read an article from the Washington Post about the BEADS program -- Bravery, Endurance, Achievement, Determination, Strength.