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Your donations to ASIF will go towards creating positive outcomes for young self-injurers and their families.

By donating to ASIF, you will help save the lives of vulnerable teens in pain while also providing much-needed guidance and education to families and schools.


Funding is needed to help ASIF with the following efforts:


  •  Social media and marketing outreach efforts targeted those in need of help to change the conversation about self-injury from one of "doom and gloom" to one of hope and recovery. 

  • Workshops to train counselors, teachers, nurses, administrators of public and private schools to understand the unique needs of the adolescent self-injurious student.

  • Promote and implement future nationwide education conferences aimed to "train the trainers". A planned program to help professionals in the field hone their skills in providing appropriate and up-to-date treatment to those struggling with self-injury.  

  • Improve the foundation's ability to provide real-time support to affected adolescents, families, and professionals. 



Riley is sitting in the dark in his room late at night and has just cut himself with a razor.  He feels alienated, alone, desperate, and afraid that his pain will never end. Riley has been cutting himself for over a year, but no one knows. Riley suffers in silence.

At school and at home Riley continues to wear the ‘happy mask,’ appearing to his peers, teachers, and parents to always be happy-go-lucky and not have a care in the world.

Riley has always believed that it is ‘NOT OK to NOT BE OK.’

Riley knows he needs help but doesn’t want to be a burden to his parents and believes that his parents can’t afford it.  That is why he keeps his self-injury a secret.

At various times it has gotten so bad that Riley considered suicide; not knowing how much longer he can tolerate the pain. 

The urge to cut himself again comes flooding in.

Image by Lewis Roberts

Riley has another urge to pick up the razor again, but instead, he pulls out his phone and starts to search for answers on the web. He finds the Adolescent Self Injury Foundation (ASIF) website and begins to read.

With just one click, Riley realizes that he is not the only one and that he does not need to be ashamed of his suffering. He has easy entry access to helpful resources for overcoming adolescent self-injury.

He immediately feels understood and learns he is not alone.

He realizes that there is HOPE and that his suffering CAN end. Riley decides that his journey to recovery will begin right then and there.

ASIF's website hopes to reach adolescents that self-injure worldwide and provide them with the first steps to understand their pain and show them that they are not alone. This website is built with the thought that technology ultimately lowers the barrier of entry and democratizes access to effective resources regardless of one's socioeconomic standing. 


Every dollar of your donation helps us grow, helps us keep this website, and reach as many people as possible - Our ultimate goal is to save the lives of teens in pain!

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