Your donations to ASIF will go towards creating positive outcomes for young self-injurers and their families. By donating to ASIF, you will help save the lives of vulnerable teens in pain while also providing much-needed guidance and education to families and schools.


Funding is needed to help ASIF with the following efforts:


- Social media and marketing outreach efforts targeted towards those in need of help. This is vital in order to change the conversation about self-injury from one of "doom and gloom" to one of hope and recovery.


- Workshops to train counselors, teachers, nurses and administrators of public and private schools to better understand the unique needs of the adolescent self-injurious student.


- Promote and implement future nationwide education conferences aimed to "train the trainers". A planned program to help professionals in the field hone their skills in providing appropriate and up to date treatment to those struggling with self-injury.  


- Improve the foundation's ability to provide real time support to affected adolescents, families and professionals.