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Protecting Youth Mental Health

The US Surgeon General’s Advisory to protect youth and young adult mental health highlights the urgent need to pay attention to the nation’s youth mental health crisis. The Surgeon General’s call-to-action is to change the conversation by prioritizing, normalizing, and promoting youth mental health.

The onset of covid-19 since spring 2020 has been a perfect storm. 

A recent study from the CDC found that since May 2020, there has been more than 50% increase in emergency room visits for suspected suicide attempts in adolescent girls aged 12-17 than during the same period in 2019. The increase for boys was under 4%. These findings support the Surgeon General’s call to action for increased attention to, and prevention for, this vulnerable population.


We are a non-profit organization created to offer hope in the recovery process for adolescent and young adult self-injurers and their families.  We strive to raise awareness and create positive outcomes for this hard-to-reach population. We provide resources to navigate the journey towards wellness and recovery.


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ASIF can help you,

  • Better understand the complex behavior of adolescent self-injury 

  • Look for the typical warning signs of adolescent self-injury 

  • Discover strategies to fight urges of self-injury

  • Learn effective tips that will help friends and parents support the journey to recovery 

  • Explore current research and new ideas related to self-injury

  • Understand the valuable therapeutic role that animals can play in the recovery process

  • Find help or get answers to your questions

  • Provide a list of helpful resources regarding self-injury

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Educating yourself regarding self-injury is one of the most important things you could do - whether it is to help yourself, your friend or your child.