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ASIF has declared March as Adolescent Self-Injury Awareness Month (AS-I-AM).

Updated: Mar 5

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March Madness is more than just basketball.

Every March, a veritable frenzy known as” March Madness” erupts as college basketball fans across the country gather to watch teams compete for the NCAA champion. 

But another kind of frenzy also occurs. 

We also witness a surge in teenagers grappling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. From March to early June, the pressure to excel academically can seem overwhelming for young individuals as the school year comes to an end. While the arrival of warmer weather and blooming flowers brings joy to many, teenagers battling mental illness often question why they aren't feeling any better during this season of renewal and rejuvenation.

This period also sees an increased likelihood of impulsive and self-destructive behaviors, including thoughts of self-injury or suicide. Cutting, depression, and suicide are all too common among young people, with suicide ranking as the second leading cause of death among college students. Despite its prevalence, mental health awareness pertaining to this issue remains a taboo subject.

Local mental health advocates are dedicated to breaking this silence by encouraging open conversations between parents and their kids, as well as among parents themselves. The ultimate goal of ASIF is to elevate the same level of awareness and support for teen mental health issues as that which exists for breast cancer. Ignoring the problem is not an option; it's time to face it head-on.

ASIF has declared March as Adolescent Self-Injury Awareness Month (AS-I-AM)

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