“Just when the caterpillar thought ‘I am incapable of moving,’ it became a butterfly.” —
Annette Thomas

Welcome to the 

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WELCOME!  We are a non-profit organization created to offer hope in the recovery process for adolescent and young adult self-injurers and their families.  We strive to raise awareness and create positive outcomes for this hard-to-reach population. We provide resources to navigate the journey towards wellness and recovery.


 ASIF adopted a butterfly as a symbol of inspiration, resiliency, empowerment, and hope for self-injuring teens in their journey towards happiness.


We hope that by educating and providing resources regarding this issue, we can inspire recovery and happiness.

ASIF can help you:

  • Better understand the complex behavior of adolescent self-injury 

  • Look for the typical warning signs of adolescent self-injury 

  • Discover strategies to fight urges of self-injury

  • Learn effective tips that will help friends and parents support the journey to recovery 

  • Explore current research and new ideas related to self-injury

  • Understand the role of therapy animals who can play a valuable role in the recovery process

  • Find help or get answers to your questions

  • Provide a list of helpful resources regarding self-injury